Pilotage areas and pilot boarding positions

Pilot boarding positions and fairways subject to compulsory pilotage

A total of 42 pilot boarding positions are located in Finnish waterways. When entering Finnish waters, vessels that are subject to compulsory pilotage may not pass a pilot boarding position until a pilot has boarded the vessel. The pilot boarding areas are listed on Traficom’s website »

Pilotage areas

Finland’s waterways and the area of Saimaa have been divided into six separate pilotage areas.


Bay of Bothnia pilotage area (1)

Ilkka Sipilä, District Manager,ilkka.sipila@finnpilot.fi

Pilot stations:

  • Bay of Bothnia pilot station (Oulu)
  • Kokkola pilot station


  • Ajos substation(Kemi)
  • Marjaniemi substation(Oulu, Hailuoto)
  • Raahe substation
  • Vaasa substation
  • Leppäluoto substation (Pietarsaari)
Bothnian Sea pilotage area (2)

Klaus Kauko, District Chief Pilot, klaus.kauko(at)finnpilot.fi

Pilot stations:

  • Rauma pilot station
  • Pori pilot station (Mäntyluoto)


  • Pori substation (Kallo)
  • Kaskinen substation
Archipelago Sea pilotage area (3)

Ari Saari, District Chief Pilot, ari.saari(at)finnpilot.fi

Pilot stations:

  • Archipelago Sea pilot station (Turku)
  • Hanko pilot station


  • Maarianhamina substation
  • Uusikaupunki substation
  • Utö substation
  • Isokari substation
Helsinki pilotage area (4)

Jukka Ketonen, District Chief Pilot,  jukka.ketonen(at)finnpilot.fi

Pilot station:

  • Helsinki pilot station


  • Porkkala substation
  • Emäsalo substation
Kotka pilotage area (5)

Sami Saarinen, District Chief Pilot, sami.saarinen(at)finnpilot.fi

Pilot station:

  • Kotka pilot station


  • Orrengrund substation

Saimaa pilotage area (6)

Marko Jaaranen, District Chief Pilot, marko.jaaranen(at)finnpilot.fi

Pilot stations:

  • Lappeenranta pilot station
  • Savonlinna pilot station


  • Puumala substation
  • Vuokala substation