Regulation of pilotage

Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd is a special assignment company entirely owned by the State of Finland. The company has the exclusive statutory right to carry out pilotage activities.

A ship must utilise the services of a pilot if

  • the vessel’s cargo is considered dangerous or hazardous or
  • such services are required due to the size of the vessel itself.

Pilotage Act

Pilotage within Finland’s waterways is regulated by the Pilotage Act (Luotsauslaki 561/2023). The purpose of pilotage, according to Section 1 of the Act, is to enhance the safety of vessel traffic and prevent environmental damage generated by vessel traffic. Section 4 of the Act states that vessels shall use a pilot in the public fairways located in Finnish waters and the part of the Saimaa Canal leased by Finland which have been defined as compulsory pilotage areas.

Section 8 states that pilotage services may be provided and pilotage activities engaged in only by the pilotage company referred to in the Act. Section 30 states that the pilot has the right to perform pilotage in fairways in which he, by virtue of the pilot licence granted by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, is entitled to serve as a pilot.

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