Code of Conduct and whistleblowing

Code of Conduct

Finnpilot’s Code of Conduct (in Finnish), pdf »


What is it?

Through this whistleblowing channel, suspicion of crime, violation or other misconducts may be reported confidentially.

Why is it needed?

The Whistleblowing Channel is a tool for maintaining ethical principles and trust.

We require our entire organization and our employees to comply with the ethical principles (Finnpilot Code of Conduct) and the legislation concerning our organization. If an employee or a person otherwise in contact with our organization suspects violations, he or she can report it through the whistleblowing channel.

What it consists of?

The employee has the opportunity to report anonymously for example the following violations or suspected violations:

  • Bribery, corruption and money laundering
  • The gray economy
  • Unlawful conduct or unfair competition
  • Violation of environmental and occupational safety legislation
  • Violation of data protection law
  • Violation of product, food and pharmaceutical safety legislation
  • Interference with the right of workers to organize
  • Unilateral weakening of work tasks
  • Violations of other laws or our ethical principles.

Reports must be made in good faith. The channel is not intended to provide customer feedback related to invoicing or terms of service and customer feedback is not investigated.

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