Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd

Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd is a special assignment company entirely owned by the State of Finland. The company has the exclusive statutory right to carry out pilotage activities. For this reason, the company’s activities are governed by the demand for openness, transparency and cost-efficiency.

The governance of State-owned companies is regulated by the State Holdings and Ownership Steering Act. The governance of Finnpilot is based on the Limited Liability Companies Act, and the company’s operations are regulated by the Pilotage Act and Pilotage Decree.

Additionally, Finnpilot owns 60% of Ice Advisors Ltd, which provides maritime operators with ice navigation services.
The Prime Minister’s Office is responsible for Finnpilot’s ownership steering. The owner exercises its power of decision at annual general meetings. The annual general meeting decides on issues that are relevant by virtue of the Limited Liability Companies Act. The annual general meeting elects the chair and other members of the Board of Directors. The members of the Board shall have expertise in Finnpilot’s field of activities, management or business economics, and they shall be independent in the manner required with regards to competition.

Pilotage secures navigational efficiency

Navigation is of great significance to Finland’s national economy; the majority of our import and export goods are transported by ship. Pilotage promotes smooth and safe navigation. Pilotage services facilitate the transport of these goods without any unnecessary and expensive delays. Additionally, pilotage prevents many serious accidents each year that could result in a loss of tens of millions of euro. Through its activities, Finnpilot serves the entire Finnish society.