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Pilotage fees will increase moderately at the beginning of 2020

The basic pilotage fee for coastal waters will increase by an average of 40 euro for 2020. The price level in the Saimaa region will remain at 26% of the pilotage fee charged in coastal waters.

The pilotage fees cover costs necessary for the organisation of pilotage activities and upkeep of the national service network. The company must also ensure the sufficiency of incoming funds in order to continue its operational development and investments.

The increase will be implemented by raising the basic pilotage fee. The mile-based fees will remain the same. The basic fee for large vessels will increase more than small vessels in terms of the euro amount. For the most common vessel size, the basic fee for coastal water areas will increase by 40 euro.

No changes were made to the pricing in 2018 and 2019. The increase for 2020 corresponds to general cost and wage development. The calculated impact on the pilotage revenue for 2020 will be about 1.0 million euro.

The pricing for the pilotage standby fee shall be supplemented with the addition of a 250 euro charge for each beginning hour that the pilot is requested, by the customer, to wait on the vessel between pilotage assignments. Other fees related to the pilotage process, such as the standby, cancellation and order transfer fees, will remain the same.

Further information

Kari Kosonen, CEO, kari.kosonen@finnpilot.fi, tel. +358 40 741 4625
Timo Siren, Financial Director, timo.siren@finnpilot.fi, tel. +358 40 145 9848

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