Board of Directors' Report and Financial Statements


Pilotage is a vital part of the chain of logistics required for Finland’s international trade and security of supply. Pilotage ensures navigational safety and efficiency within Finland’s rocky fairways. Pilotage services in Finland are the responsibility of the state-owned special assignment company Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd.

Safeguarding the availability of pilotage services

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we maintained the availability of pilotage services as our number one priority, in addition to safety. Surveys show that these two factors are also top priorities for our customers. Despite occasional resource challenges, we ensured that the availability of pilotage services remained at a normal level throughout the entire year.

Developing safety on multiple fronts

Safety is a priority for our activities and pervades all other areas of our responsibility. In 2021, we worked, for example, on the classification of accidents, the improvement of climbing safety and the determination of condition limits. We paid special attention to the safety of pilot ladders.

Our first Responsibility Programme was created

We manage and monitor responsibility in terms of five separate themes: safety, environment, personnel, customers and society. For the development and management of CSR issues, we took a more systematic approach to the planning and monitoring of responsibility in the form of a new Responsibility Programme.


Finnpilot’s annual report 2021 includes the annual review, a description of the company’s strategy, operational environment and corporate governance as well as our Corporate Responsibility Report. Additionally, we publish the financial statements and the annual review of the Board of Directors as separate PDF documents on our website.