Changes to Finnpilot’s Pilot Dispatch Areas

The division of Finnpilot’s pilot dispatch areas will change. Starting from Jan 16, 2023 there will be seven (7) pilot dispatch areas instead of the current three (3).

The new division will make Finnpilot’s pilot dispatch services more efficient by distributing the areas more flexibly and evenly among the pilot dispatchers on duty. This will allow us to serve our customers better and faster, depending on the area with the most traffic at any given time.

The division of Finnpilot’s pilot dispatch areas as of Jan 16 is as follows: 

  1. Bothnia
  2. West Coast
  3. Archipelago Sea
  4. Hanko and Helsinki
  5. Emäsalo
  6. Kotka
  7. Saimaa

The new contact details for pilotage areas (from 16.1.2023) will be updated on the Contact section of our website >>.

The old phone numbers and email addresses will also work for the time being and any calls and emails will be forwarded to the desired area. However, we hope that our customers will switch to the new contact details as soon as possible.

Changes also updated to the Terms of Service

Finnpilot’s Terms of Service >> remain unchanged, except for the updated division of the pilot dispatch areas. The price increase for pilot assignments with two pilots (starting on Jan 1, 2023) has also been updated.

The possible effects of the new Pilotage Act

When the new Pilotage Act >> (link only in Finnish) enters into force, it will have a significant impact on Finnpilot’s terms of service. If the law goes ahead and enters into force on 1 June 2023, the new terms of service will be published no later than 1 May 2023. Our customers will be informed about the change before it enters into force.

For more information:

Jutta Heinisuo, Head of Pilot Dispatch,, +358 50 472 5011

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