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Changes to Finnpilot’s Terms of Service from September 1, 2023

The amendment to the Pilotage Act will take effect on September 1, 2023. The key modifications and changes to the act concern the requirements for the use of pilotage and exemptions to the compulsory pilotage, the compulsory pilotage area and the submission of advance notifications on pilotage. Additionally, the Act brings substantial alterations to the training and competence requirements for pilots and requires the company to provide services related to pilot examinations.

Further regulations pursuant to the Act will also come into effect on September 1, 2023. The competent authority is the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom).

Changes to Finnpilot’s Terms of Service

Effective from September 1, 2023, the new Pilotage Act will bring about alterations to the terms of service provided by Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd. The most notable adjustment is the inclusion of a requirement for submitting advance notifications of the need for pilotage, in accordance with the Act. The detailed content of the advance notifications can be found in the Order TRAFICOM/485910/, issued by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency.

The content and deadlines of advance notifications, as outlined in accordance with the aforementioned regulation, hold benefits not only for the pilotage company but also for its clients and other stakeholders. By means of effective resource planning, the aim is to assign pilots to as many vessels as possible at their preferred times. Such enhanced resource management not only contributes to optimizing pilotage operations but also leads to reduced emissions and cost savings related to pilotage services.

What information is required by the Pilot Dispatch Centre?

According to legal requirements, the master of the vessel or the ship’s agent shall submit an advance notification to the pilot dispatch centre, including information such as the requested time of pilotage, the draught of the vessel when the pilotage commences, any technical deficiencies affecting pilotage and any other known deficiencies affecting the safety of the pilot or pilotage.

For vessels arriving at Finnish ports, this notification is to be given 24 and 12 hours before the estimated commencing the pilotage. When departing from a port, the notification should be provided 12 and 6 hours before departure or as promptly as possible. The full content of the notifications is defined in the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency’s Order (TRAFICOM/485910/ and further elaborated in the terms of service of the pilotage company.

How to provide advance notice and request pilotage services?

You can continue to make pre-registrations and pilotage reservations through the established methods: Pilot Online, email, or by making a phone call.

Moreover, a new option will soon be available – ordering pilots through the recently introduced Polo – Port Activity App. Both Pilot Online and the Port Activity App will soon enable users to directly input the necessary information for pre-notification within the application. It’s worth noting that our online channels for ordering a pilot might transition in 2025 with the launch of the Maritime Notification Service NEMO.

Finnpilot Pilot Dispatch Centre contact details and means of ordering a pilot >>

The Pilot Dispatch Centre will help the customers with advance notifications

An important task for Finnpilot’s pilot dispatch in the coming months is to assist customers in providing advance notifications in a timely manner and to facilitate their submission as an integral part of the pilot ordering process. It should be noted that:

  • All information related to advance notifications and pilot orders must flow through Finnpilot’s pilot dispatch to ensure that their timing and content are recorded in the pilotage operations management system.
  • During peak times, pilotage services are primarily provided to those vessels that have submitted advance notifications on time with the necessary information.

Finnpilot, in accordance with the change in legislation, monitors the submission of advance notifications, communicates detected deficiencies to its customers, and reports repeated non-compliance to the authorities.

Introduction of new services and subscription process

In September, Finnpilot will further inform about the new services mandated by the Pilotage Act. This information will encompass details about how these services can be requested, along with their associated pricing.

For more information on Finnpilot’s terms of service:

Sanna Sonninen, Pilotage Director, +358 40 829 9769
Jutta Heinisuo, Pilot Dispatch Manager, +358 50 472 5011

Finnpilot’s new terms of service will be published on our website on 1.9.2023 >>

Background to the reform of the Pilotage Act

The aim of the Pilotage act reform is to ensure maritime safety in the waters of Finland. The purpose of the pilotage law is to promote maritime safety and proficiency in waterway navigation, as well as to prevent the adverse impacts on the environment arising from vessel traffic.

Pilotage Act in Finlex >> (in Finnish)

Ministry of Transport and Communications 23.3.2023: Reform of the Pilotage Act to ensure safety of navigation in Finnish waters >> 

Finnish Parliament: 22.11.2022: Government proposal HE 293/2022 vp 22 Government proposal to Parliament for a Pilotage Act and an Act amending Section 1 of the Act on the Enforcement of Fines >> (in Finnish)

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