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Update: Finnpilot’s COVID-19 measures and guidelines related to pilotage


Update Dec 2, 2020:
Information added: In case the piloted vessel has been exposed to coronavirus, pilotage can only be provided during daylight time.

Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd operates in a safe manner to prevent its personnel from becoming ill and to protect the shipping communities from infections. This media release describes the operational measures used by Finnpilot and issues that customers should take into consideration during pilotage.

Our approach during pilotage

Finnpilot’s pilots comply with all guidelines and recommendations issued by the authorities as a means of protecting themselves and others from contagions. Upon advance request, Finnpilot will provide the vessel to be piloted with a Declaration of Health concerning the arriving pilot, as recommended by the UN specialized agencies and the ECDC.

Pilots are currently not requesting shipmasters to acknowledge the pilotage on their iPads in order to prevent any virus transmission via screen surface. We observe good hand hygiene, we refrain from shaking hands and use respirator masks when appropriate. On the bridge, we maintain a distance of at least one metre from all bridge personnel.

Pilots are equipped with their own respirator masks and can assess the situation to determine the need to use the mask to protect themselves on the bridge or in other areas of the vessel. Pilots will also use a respirator mask if requested to do so by the shipmaster of the vessel in question.

Our personnel have been instructed to remain away from the workplace if they have any symptoms of illness or if they suspect they have been exposed to the coronavirus. Pilots never board any vessel when ill or when experiencing even minimal symptoms that suggest a coronavirus infection.

Considerations for pilot orders and bridge work

In order to safeguard its pilots, Finnpilot must be informed in connection with the advance notification for a pilot order if someone aboard the ship has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, has symptoms of the disease or is suspected of being infected by the coronavirus. This information must be provided to the Pilot Dispatch Centre. If such information is not received in connection with the advance notification for a pilot order, the pilotage process may be delayed.

In case someone aboard the ship has been diagnosed with or is suspected of being infected by the coronavirus, or has symptoms of the disease, Finnpilot follows the guidelines given by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. In such cases, to ensure necessary safety measures, pilotage is provided during daylight time.

During pilotage, only persons necessary for safe passage shall be present on the bridge. No persons with flu symptoms or persons who have been infected with or have been exposed to the coronavirus should visit the bridge during the pilotage process. If there are diagnosed coronavirus cases aboard the vessel or suspicions of such infections, steering and navigational equipment and related working surfaces as well as the bathroom/lavatory intended to be used by the pilot must be disinfected before the pilotage.

In co-operation with the Finnish health authorities, Finnpilot has drafted comprehensive measures to protect its personnel from infections. We collaborate with the piloted vessels to prevent infections and wish all recommendations made by the health authorities to be followed by the crew onboard.

Sanna Sonninen
Pilotage Director
Finnpilot Pilotage Oy

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