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Information for customers: Finnpilot preparation for covid-19 virus

Finnpilot is prepared for the COVID-19 virus and wants to work safely to prevent its’ personnel from becoming infected and to protect shipping communities from infections. The company is constantly developing its own measures to limit the exposure of its’ personnel to
coronavirus. Finnpilot personnel have so far no cases of illness or suspicion of infection.

Finnpilot’s operation

Pilots follow all instructions and recommendations given by the Finnish authorities to protect themselves and others from infection.

Pilots are not requesting the ship’s masters to acknowledge the pilotage on iPad to prevent any virus transmission via screen surface. We follow good hand hygiene, avoid physical contact and use respirator mask if necessary.

The pilot carries a respirator mask with him/her and may, at his/her own judgment, switch to use the respirator. The use of a respirator does not indicate infection.

Finnpilot instructed to stay out of the workplace if they experience symptoms of sickness. The pilot never boards ships ill or even if he/she is experiencing any flu symptoms. Finnpilot personnel is instructed to stay away from work if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness or are exposed to a possible coronavirus infection. All pilots and pilot boat crew who have been traveling abroad are subject to a 14-day quarantine. The pilot never boards a ship while being ill, if his/her body temperature has risen or if he/she is even aware of any initial flu symptoms.

For customers to note

When ordering a pilot, Finnpilot Pilot Dispatch Centre shall be informed if a crewmember of the ship has been diagnosed with coronavirus, has symptoms of the disease or if any of the crewmembers is suspected of being infected by coronavirus.

During the pilotage, only persons necessary for safe passage shall be located on the bridge. No persons having flu symptoms or persons who have been infected with or have been exposed to coronavirus should visit the bridge. Hand washing facilities and disposable hand
towels shall be provided on board.

In co-operation with the Finnish health authorities, Finnpilot has taken extensive measures to protect its personnel from infections, and we trust the vessels to be piloted to work in good cooperation with the pilots to prevent infections. Finnpilot finds it unacceptable that
pilots meet additional requirements onboard such as wearing of respirator mask.

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